PE-Layer is a cost-efficient insulation and packaging-material with good cushioning properties.
This material is an excellent volume-filler with conditional heat and cold resistance.


Cellular polyethylene is a material that has undergone a major development in recent years.

Thanks to all the new properties that have been developed – from semi-closed (super soft) to almost rock-hard variants, high fire rating and improved temperature resistance – the material today has a very large area of ​​use.



Cellular polyethylene is suitable for seals, insulation and packaging materials, among other things. Cellular plastic seals against condensation, cold, moisture and water. This material is also available with UL-94 standard for high requirements and fire classification.

Sports and leisure is another area of ​​use, where it is used, among other things, as shock-absorbing inserts in sports equipment, sleeping pads and yoga mats. It is also used for sealing strips, shock-absorbing applications and packaging.

For cost-effective packaging solutions, we recommend non-crosslinked polyethylene with or without antistatic properties.

Materials: Polyethylene

Temperature range:  -80°C – 100°C

Volumetric weight: 15 – 200 kg/m3

Fire resistance: FMVSS 302 and UL-94

Materials: Polyethylene

Temperature range:  -80°C – 100°C

Volumetric weight: 15 – 200 kg/m3

Fire resistance: FMVSS 302 and UL-94

Cellular Polyethylene (GC)

The material can be had in different densities that affects insulating properties and the softness.
GC means that the surface is coarse and the surface is usually a matter of preference.

Cellular Polyethylene UL94

The Firegraded cellular polyethylene is a popular choice in telecom and electronic industry.
A material we store in block form which means it can be easily split into any desired thickness.


A very soft slow recovery PE-foam. That’s very suitable for sealing uneven surfaces.
Popular insulation in the ventilation industry when it does not need to rebound continuously.

PVC Foam

A soft, elastic and slow recovery foam with open cells. Well suited for sealstrips and gaskets.

Poron® - Microcellular PUR-Foam

CABSEAL has been selected by the quality focused Rogers Corporation to be a preferred converter of
their high end PUR-Foam Poron.


A cost-efficient insulation or packaging-material with good cushioning properties.

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